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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 10:09:25 +1200

At 02:50 a.m. 26/04/2009, you wrote:

>Incidentally what is the Gloranthan myth (or myths) for the origin
>of the Lamia?

I really see the Lamia as part of the Beast People rather than the Undead or Chaotic.

>[...] I would probably be inclined to write them up as being at the
>heart of the cult of
>Seseine (chaos goddess of temptation/seduction)

Seseine is a Pamaltelan Goddess and associated with Succubuses. She wouldn't be found in Genertela IMO.

>and say that they are mortal women who undergo a ritual
>transformation upon attaining
>rune level, rather as Draugr do (in the cult of Urain), or as
>vampires once did (in the old
>Cults of Terror version of Vivamort).

Presenting the Draugr as a vivamortesque cult seems off to me as the act of becoming
a Draugr IMO is a combination of having a bad spiritual flaw (the mark of Urain so to
speak) and suffering an unclean death. If a mortal woman did want to become a Lamia,
my guess that that she would go to the wild temple and be torn to pieces to return
as a Lamia.

>Though I also wondered about linking them into the myths of the
>Serpent-kings of
>Seshnela ... Or why not both at the same time?

The Serpent Kings are cthonic not chaotic. Given that Centaurs are found in both
Old Seshnela and Dragon Pass, I don't have any problem with the Lamia being found in both places.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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