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>I'm not overly enthralled with the idea that you have to decide what
>is and isn't a dramatic decision point

This is part of being a HeroQuest Narrator -- you do this when you decide between simple and extended contests, for example. (The rules offer guidance.)

>I fully expect there are counter examples where a characters failure
>to be accepted by a cult lead the character, and maybe the campaign
>in unexpected and interesting directions as the character tries to
>find their place in the world. (What happens to the Storm-bull
>wannabe when Urox rejects him? Does a failed Humakti reject all
>notions of honour, or attempt to live by the strictures of the Cult,
>but without their support?)

This is precisely why the Narrator has the option of _adding_ a plot obstacle. In particular, Sartar Book expands on this to suggest that a major problem for devotees is not the power of their magic, but convincing their community to support them. (After all, the devotee will be spending the bulk of their time serving the deity, not the community.) IMG, a devotee would not be able to use their rune for this contest (though it could augment).

I suggest that this would seldom make sense for initiates -- like you say, no self-respecting Orlanthi hero would fail to become an adult*. But failing to gain community support can easily lead in interesting directions.


>I haven't seen the Gloranthan magic rules but if they have fixed number
>resistances I will be ignoring them as silly. ^_^

They do not. The 1W requirement to get fancier magic (which is present in all three magic types, BTW) is not a contest resistance.


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