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Hey John

I have to admit that I've been wondering about this too.

>From what I can tell, the runes are not mere game concepts. Apart from the commonly held belief that runes are now in-world things, Rune Affinities are awakened on initiation and people are said to approach a deity through runes.

I think Gloranthan theists know Rune Magic as having come from the gods. That said, they are not mentioned in any mythologhy, so we are left, I think, to wonder how even the Satarites understand runes.

My feeling is that Gloranthans understand runes in the same way that earthly superstitions are used to understand the world. Almost nobody knows any lore on runes but everyone knows the world is made of them.

I'm sure Gloranthans use the term 'affinity' in relation to runes. People will have common experiences from connection with runes and need a common parlance to communicate that.



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Some of this is coming out of the talk over on HQ-Rules that has sort of ceased to be about rules and is verging into cultural and cosmological speculation.

I was wondering what do Gloranthans, from all the various cultural backgrounds, know or think they know about runes? Is it anything at all - or are the runes basically game artifacts?

I get the impression that a lot of the terminology used by the fans comes from the time when what we might now think of as Sartarite theism was the origin of a lot of the inspiration, but what do folk in other areas think about these rune things (or these things that we term runes)?

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