Bad Bat Down

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Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 10:58:49 +1000 (EST)

My Glorantha has varied!

Instead of having a generic chaos beast at the Battle of Iceland in my HQ game I decided it would be far more fun to bring in the Crimson Bat (it flew slowly with the lack of wind, mind..)

Whilst working out the various strategies to defeat said creature a Mostal
(with a relatively novice player I might add) proposed sending in, via
Wind Child, an sapient Rubble Runner named Rotterex armed with a Dwarven hand grenade. Said Bazak eventually slipped into the Demon's ear, pulled the pin and - with "Scamper Quickly" ability - got the hell out of the there.

*BOOM!* Jane Williams has commented, only partly tongue-in-cheek "OMG that's brilliant! Right, from now on IMG that is what really happened, and all the other versions are made up by people who didn't want to admit to a Rubble Runner having defeated the Bat.

So I just had to share this roleplaying anecdote..

(Next, for my RQ game, how Duke Rauss joined the Sun Dome Temple and
Corflu became a republic.)

All the best,


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