Re: Changed magic in 2nd and 3rd Age

From: L C <lightcastle_at_w5PSqYuGDGMTwineizuHMkz7Dqab2fNMkq7Y6g-MMIXwm2_L-G870NQpY7PN8q61>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 18:45:36 -0400

David Dunham wrote:

>I read this as "the deep, meaningful, theatrical version"

That, too. :)

>BTW, in my game, magic in the Imperial Age wasn't all that different
>from Third Age magic (at least not for traditionalist Orlanthi -- EWF
>is a different story).

 From what I've read, I'm inclined to agree, actually. Some differences, but not too much that's fundamental.



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