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Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 16:08:01 +0100

Dear Tribe

I am very pleased to be able to announce the results of the Chaos Feature Competition, as entered into and voted by you, the Glorantha Tribe!

Here are the results:  

Winner (to receive 5 issues of Hearts in Glorantha)

David Dunham (Takes damage from insults.)  

Runners Up (each to receive 1 issue of Hearts in Glorantha)

David Lloyd (Schrödinger's Chaos Creature.) Jamie MacLaren (Only Visible in Reflections.) Bruce Mason (Appears closer to you than it actually is.)  

Thanks once again to Newt Newport for providing the prizes!

The Top 10 Chaos Features

The main reason for this competition was to find out what our top 10 chaos features would be. The full Top 10 is as follows and will be printed in the next issue of Hearts In Glorantha, hopefully with a fascinating introduction/analysis by Fabian Küchler.  

{clears throat and starts speaking in Letterman}  

  1. Merely a Puppet (Richard Crawley)
    We may speak of being merely a puppet in thrall to higher powers. In this case it's true. On close examination, the creature proves to be made of wood, wire and paint. Fine strings control its movement but seem to fade into nothingness a few feet above the body.
  2. Causes excessive body hair growth. (Keith Nellist)
    Exposure to this chaos monster causes excessive body hair growth.
  3. Reincarnated in you. (Jean Durupt)
    Its killer/eater becomes the creature. Its memories may be transferred.
  4. Completely hollow. (Chris Lemens)
    Handy for storage.
  5. It is your child. (Bruce Mason)
    Everyone else who can see it knows exactly what it is but to you it is your child. You carry it with you, suckle it (regardles s of whether or not your female) you love it and care fo r it and can bear to see no harm come to it. When you finally die, worn out and shrivelled, it will be someone else's child.
  6. Two random body parts are made of gorp. (Matthew Cole)
    Body parts affected change frequently. If abdomen or chest, can excrete or vomit micro gorp. If limbs, can elongate, attach, whip, throw micro gorp etc etc (depending on gorp type). If head, becomes 'Brain of Gorp'.
  7. Appears closer to you than it actually is. (Bruce Mason)
    Whenever you try to touch it you realise that it's too far away. If you turn around and it's behind you then *IT IS OMG BASICALLY BREATHING IN YOUR EAR* Possibly the most dangerous missile weapon user in the world...
  8. Only Visible in Reflections. (Jamie MacLaren)
    The chaotic can only be seen by his reflection in other objects. You can glimpse him in that puddle, or in that metal bowl on the table or perhaps a polished sword and shield.
  9. Schrödinger's Chaos Creature. (David Lloyd)
    The creature is simultaneously both alive and dead and thus cannot be killed or restored to life until hit with an appropriate detection magic (e.g., detect undead turns it into an undead, detect life turns it into a living creature, etc.).

And the winner and top chaos feature - receiving the most votes was: ....

  1. Takes damage from insults. (David Dunham)
    Words *will* hurt it, sticks and stones don't

The tribe founder, Greg Stafford, read these out during the closing ceremony of Tentacles Omega; he does a better Letterman than I. Thanks, Greg, for your help there!  

Thanks for everyone's contributions to the competition!


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