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On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 11:01 PM, Peter Metcalfe <> wrote:

> IMO the development of Carmanian theology into a dualist faith was
> a development over time and went something like:


Interesting. I somehow managed to miss the fact that GanEstoro somehow transitioned from Estoro, the hungry underworld god to whom YarGan made people sacrifice, to the cosmic God of Evil. For that matter, I am no longer certain that the "fierce god" worshiped by the YarGanites and Estoro, who spoke from within a crack in the earth, are one and the same.

This also makes me wonder where the YarGanites came from. They arrived on barges, but that doesn't mean much during the flood. I always assumed they came from the West somewhere, because "YarGan gave refuge to all the Logicians who sought it." That is a pretty tenuous link. YarGan carried "the Blue Spear, a magical weapon given to him by his father. It had come from the corner of the sky." The corner could be where the waters invaded the sky (south eastern Glorantha?). Are there any other clues?

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