Re: First copy of Heroquest purchase!

From: John Harding <jrharding_at_QyXDmF4Aq7a6FeD4rUkNzhaq6hxLZxpX17tPNbJiTpRlXlhq1E0qF4nAfzT9bYoT-Q>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 12:46:18 -0000

Hi all
Just bought a copy of the Esrolia pdf all the payment stuff seems to have gone through ok. I have read the emails on the payment site but whats not obvious though is how the pdf is delivered? I was assuming this would act in pretty much the same way as RPG Drive thru i.e. pay and you get the download link. Have I missed the link? Is it sent by email? I dont have access to personal email at work so cant check if the instructions have gone through there? How exactly is the pdf delivered?            

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