Re: Heroquest 2.0 – the first mini-review

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_HlaDdTvFQ7QqNhMX5mMaOVbl16gro2lTLZQAbZAGqWmaPbhjv2cI8WoGwobCAOG3EosT>
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 12:12:57 -0000

My understanding is that CJ plans to post that onto in the next few days. I don't think it looks good when the publisher of a book posts a wonderful review on an independent website. But if someone who isn't *me* wants to go ahead and post that review, we've got CJ's permission to post it broadly! :)

> That's the place where I go looking for info on RPG and tabletop games, and I know I'm not alone.
> -Adept
> PS. Also I got a bit of a shock when I looked at and it was suddenly all different. Us old guys can't deal with change like that! :P

A little change is good for the soul - that is the Larnsting power of Orlanth after all!


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