PDF Download Problem solved!!!

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_IHHsGMzrLP8ak3tkP6sCJJJan5WJni-TSkvSGb2G57ACcB2Lp8KwRDUwOsaiXvUHd6Kt>
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 16:01:41 -0000

Howdy Glorantha-philes!

A very wise friend of mine once observed that most computer problems occur between the chair and the keyboard. That was the case there. It appears I was the source of the problem with the PDF downloads from Plimus (basically I made a little screwup on the email template that turns out to have big problems for you the user).

Problem now appears to be solved. Mr. Spookshow at the Moon Design Studios blog helped solve the problem and had no trouble downloading the Core Rules. Here's his account of the process:

"After I completed the online process, it took me to a page with a link I could click on to view the confirmation emails that were being sent out to me. Copying & pasting the link provided in that allowed me to download the PDF. Also, I checked my email and I had instantly gotten the emails that I previewed, and was able to download the book from there as well. Looking over the pdf right now, looks great! Thanks!"

So download, download, download away!

Jeff Richard
Moon Design LLC            

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