Re: Opposing runes and the circle of elements

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_sVNlfVB9ZQ1Y0w-QUSNrZqzyZZh4i800eJ0NRx7QFhApyI18Zj8bCezOfeRFeDiC3CKq>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 06:53:20 -0000

> Ernalda's always owned the Earth Rune. The text is largely a
> reduplication of stuff that was in RQ2 and RQ3 and I would have
> rephrased it slightly.
> > and can do anything that can be done with the Earth Rune.

This is the credibility test for the use of the Earth Rune by Ernalda cultists. A Narrator ought to let an Ernaldan make the broadest possible use of the Earth Rune - if an Ernaldan character wants to try to warm her fields with the Earth Rune, I'd let her.

> I don't see anything in the HQ2 rules about that and it's contradicted
> by Glorantha lore in general. Humakt owns the death rune but can't make
> undead.

Undead are utterly outside of the power of Death. The Death Rune cannot be used to make undead.


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