Re: Opposing runes and the circle of elements

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Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 13:02:30 -0700 (PDT)

Richard Hayes asks:

> How many myths do we have in which 'Fire' is overcome by 'Water'?

Here are some candidates for your consideration:

1.    The Flood, as presented in Dara Happa and anywhere else that fire people ruled.
2.    Perhaps the conception of Flamal. Supposedly he was born of the mixture of sun and sea. Sounds like a seduction to me.
3.    Lorion the Sky River
4.    The billion and one stories that the Weartagi and merfolk tell. (Here's one I just made up: The quenching of the sun. When Yelm died and came to hell, he had to cross the Styx. He ordered it out of his way, but Styx refused. He tried to swim it and was quenched. Finally, he had to beg a stranger for passage across. Or somethin like that.)
5.    When fires fell to earth (Lodril, Mahone, Oakfed, etc.) some must have fallen in the ocean and died.
6.    Joe Bob empties a bucket on the fire. You'd think that there is a story out there about how some watery dude mastered Mahome.

Chris Lemens

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