Re: Runes of Turos

From: Benedict Adamson <yahoo_at_Zi8BU23JwwcNu39vewjPNC7Mwek44ZiAf48l80wSer-AmYk8QvEGwpRA2mbxLWEckdms22>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 12:55:04 +0100

Peter Metcalfe wrote:
> A mythological tradition within the Entekosiad (the Fire Mountain)
> clearly distinguishes between the two [Tersu and Dalu]. Yet another mythological
> tradition (the Deneron) views things differently and the two
> do not align.

Valare Addi assembles lore from several places without clearly indicating what comes from where. Could you clarify which myth(s) you mean?

Do you mean ViSaruDaran, "The Great Earth Grandfather"? Even he is "ViTersu", and his aspect of "Father of Mountains" is as volcanic eruption ("After the first mountain cooled...", it says). His singing and painting produces "good heat" rather than earth power.

ViSaruDaran did shape the surface world, which is arguably an Earth power. However, I believe this is another aspect of Tersu. The Pelandans are famous as artisans and craftsmen, and I believe that Turos and Tersu   are directly responsible for that, by including industry and craft activity. His shaping of the surface earth would then be significant not because if was the earth, but because it was shaping.

> Turos's rune is a Mountain (Triangle) with a Dot in it. Lodril's rune
> is a square with a Dot in it. Yelm's Rune is a (radiant) Circle with a
> Dot in it. Shure shome connection?

Of course. More questions of emphasis, I think.            

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