Re: Does Uleria have Fertility Magic?

From: Benedict Adamson <yahoo_at_QtM5SeNO4E0gvSiKNamNd4tmYk3anyk2WZ8WkXe4pRkaBg25cF0Y4St6B6raAv44x6uGlW>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 00:43:47 +0100


3) The Entekosiad heroes Urenes, Turuka and Delderia are noted fer their love, rather than supernatural fertility (although Urenes an Turuka have
"many healthy children"). The Entekosiad indicates that Uleria means
"desire for life", not "life" (which would be simply "Eria"). Uleria
belongs in a fellow High God with Oria who is the Great Mother. If Uleria had any great fertility powers in addition to Love, it is hard to see how Oria could also fit in.

I suggest that Uleria has no Fertility magic at all, it having been lost   during the Great Darkness and/or transferred to goddess such as Oria and Ernalda. Uleria's power of the Life rune would then be restricted to love, lust and sex.            

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