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Subject: Empty spaces?

Full disclosure: I like Heroquest & Glorantha, but my knowledge base really only includes those products published in connection to Heroquest.

Not sure if this is a worthwhile question, but I was curious if Glorantha has any empty spaces left in it, and if so, where are they. When I say 'empty spaces', I mean an area that has been left undefined in published material, possibly intentionally so, as a place for gaming groups to invent and fill in (or not) as they see fit.

My impression is that Genertela, as a whole, has been well defined by published products. What hasn't been filled in, or isn't on a to-do list to be filled in? I'm less knowleageable of Pamaltela and the various islands in between the two.

To be clear, this is getting asked mainly out of curiosity. In no way am I suggesting it is somehow bad to have a comprehensive setting, and I am also aware how much the phrase 'in my Glorantha' can empower a gaming group.


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