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Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2009 10:31:54 +1200

pavyr wrote:

> My impression is that Genertela, as a whole, has been well defined by
> published products.

Just plain defined would be a better word. The Holy Country was notoriously undefined compared to Dragon Pass until recently and there's   large gaps that we don't know about it (like a writeup of the Pharaoh's cult).

The Lunar Empire is well-defined.

Prax is well-defined but there is just one article covering the wastelands to the east.

Pent is ill-defined. We only know the details of a famous hero from that region and apart from a tribe that hasn't lived there for the past thousand years we know very little else apart from there being a huge hole in the ground where trolls once crawled out.

Ralios is poorly defined. The Highlands are moderately known with the knowledge that they are Orlanthi. The City States of the Lowlands are not. We know they feud amongst themselves and that hegemonies and secret societies can appear and vanish with frightening ease. What we don't have is the Cult of Arkat (apart from the Borists whom everybody hates).

The West is moderately defined. The main kingdoms, the core philosophy are all well-known. But it has not been defined down to the level of Dragon Pass and it is unlikely ever to be so.

Kralorela is moderately defined. We know what the place is roughly like but but we just don't have the treatment of the cults that run the place.

Teshnos is fairly defined. It's in a similar situation for Kralorela but with less attention paid to it.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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