Re: Gods and Runes

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_-y-_knz13x6XkJIoPJ5JKwG056w9q_nP6esgiJK3vqYVyP5kVXIUoxFanD0yfn6EfOPQ>
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2009 19:16:36 -0000

> "Father Aether, the One Before Fire, called his three sons before him. He knew of some hard work which needed to be done, and asked who would do it. The eldest, lethargic and egocentric, turned his back. The second, who always seeks subtlety, asked if there was a different job he could do. Lodril, the youngest, volunteered. Thus he received the grandest portion of the inheritance: a huge family, care of the Central World, and great inner strength. The second son got his wish: a more difficult job, a disloyal family, and a strength which waxes and wanes like a woman's. The eldest son also got his reward: emptiness."
> Or has that been made obselete as well?

That version was printed in White Wolf Magazine No 20 about twenty years ago. I don't think it is anywhere near our best source on Lodril, just like I don't think the cult of Yelm writeup that appeared in White Wolf No 16 is our best source on Yelm.


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