Re: Opposing runes and the circle of elements - Lodril

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_-qSsHUvI8exOg2JNSHkYoEZsJM_26U2uCxP97OEMBDeU-wK5IRmLlolYMr7lm5LVG2rf>
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 06:11:12 -0000

> Probably true. I haven't always kept up with this kind of discussion on the list, and I find the reference materials such as GRoY difficult to understand for casual gaming purposes.

I have to admit I love GRoY and found it endlessly fascinating. I still find little details here and there that I hadn't noticed. But GRoY is getting close to fifteen years old, so it is not like it is a new book. And it has been supported with stuff like Enclosure, Dara Happa Stirs, Fortunate Succession, numerous LARPS and freeforms and so on.


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