Re: Odayla rune(s)

From: Christopher Graves <chrphrgrv_at_GVUsbFtOkfoyrqFqGbt20eZNOvoUAREaqcqzZ3KR0Kpo5323BWuaKnueTfuzfCz7-0>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2009 19:16:16 -0000

Correcting myself, the man rune has something to do with how Grandfather mortal fits in with the foundation of your group. Maybe this isn't first and foremost sentience but rather your direct relationship to mortality and therefore experience within a conception of time after the great comprimise. I certainly could be argued that animals are unaware in any direct or lasting way of the passing of time or their own mortality. Possibly, this is what the man rune is most about, what mortality entails mentally and spiritually thereafter...linear experience, conscious thought, reason, making, building, maintaining etc.

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