Re: Why is the Wenelian tradition anti-bird?

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> In HQ1 terms, then, I suppose things like Kreediii would be common magic? In HQ2, I'm unsure if it would even get it's own spirit society, or if there would just be a kingfisher charm of some kind.

Could be. Could be. Or he could be a clan guardian. Or a local spirit cult Chalkman. Or he might be a spirit appreciated (or appeased) throughout the region a-la Oakfed. But none would call him father or kin save in a spiritual sense, no bloodlines would claim to be eagles or have "eagle totem" magic - though the magic they get cuold identidal. Just the methodology is different.

And who doesn't like kingfishers? I know a particularly ambitious pike I saw loved the one he caught.

> I've definitely been thinking about the hardscrabble element of the Wenelian tradition as you put it. It's not a tradition of heroics or rightful rulers, but of survivors and spirits who helped others survive, by hook or by crook. I could easily imagine a few more spirits along that line, whose practices came out of necessity, if not desperation. Probably the real nasty ones were dropped soon after the Dawn (no, I haven't been thinking of campaign ideas at all....).

Hardscrabble is the right word. Wenelia is a post-apocalypse land. I am embarassed to admit I occasionally thought of the old Gamma World RPG when writing from time to time. I suppose a time-lost bunch of God Learners would make for a Gloranthan "Morrow Project" game.

The pactices are all out of necessity, even the big ones. This is true even in prosperous places like Esrolia and Dara Happa. Its just more blatantly obvious in Wenelia - or at least, like to think it is.

They worship what helps them surivie the land and their enemies. They appease or propitiate what they cannot drive off. They've turned to these several times in the past - many of the more unpleasant practices and spirits were remembered during the hard times as the Gbaji Wars ravaged the land and again after the God Learner castastrophes wrecked what they'd managed to recover.

Nothing is ever really forgotten. Look at "Orlanth is Dead" and what sort of survivial memories were dredged up when the Orlanthi there were up against the wall. Wenelians live with their backs a lot closer to the cliff...

> A few times I've been temped to try and write up a knapping spirit for the tradition, as these poor bastards probably didn't have metal during the Greater Darkness. On that subject, is there even a local source of metal in Wenelia/Maniria? I forget. If there is, it's probably controlled by Mostali or Uz anyhow.

Ooh. Knappnig. That's fun once you get the hang of it.

Father of Flint was one of Dokal's first companions after the young god coaxed the cranky old spirit out of his hiding place. He has a relative (?), Hallik, who is the goddess of obsidian but she was frozen by the seas and is only found in her sea-cliff near Fay Jee.

Metal is not entirely uncommon. Flint and stone are commonly used but weapons and occasional armor are bronze or have bronze fittings. We're not talking those pathetic Balazarings, afterall! Or those creepy Pelori. I hear they, you know, with their elk...

But you're right any metal working or excavating spirits or godlings are probably pretty small and very localized. Mining is fairly minor as one might expect from a low-end Bronze Age culture but there is a fair amount of bog-brass in the swamps and there's god-bones in the hills for those who know how to look (and how to get them without harm).

The fellows at Fort Digger brought their own mining and smithing gods with them from Tarsh, as I recall. Actually, I am very sure the Trader Princes have brought in various civilized orders from the West or encouraged useful cults among their holdings. These may have gained converts or adherrents deeper in the hinterlands if there is a need. Finding a secure and steady source of metal would probably make the clan able to harness it wealthy (and probably dead at the hands of jealous neighbors).

You are right in that the two largest sources of mining I can think of are in the hands of the Uz - and the lead workings at Troll Mountain are supposedly vast. The Mostali are few and far between in Wenelia. The only ones I can think of are either up in the Mislari Mountains or in Gemborg. Neither of these are really in Wenelia.


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