Re: Gloranthan Sea Birds

From: Stephen Tempest <e-g_at_zbTgPM4R69LXpES-qs75Him2vfQn5WAoW1yCxpiiBlMzJhpmUrb_7gJ4Gp8aAezH7xUcYyhO>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 20:39:48 +0100

Greg Stafford <> writes:

>I recall some mention that some/one Godlearner Sorcerer made it back to
>> Seshnela or such after the closing / destruction of Justela.
>Would you cite this source for me?

It's from 'The Middle Sea Empire', pp 27-28, the chronology of Emperor Celakos's reign.

940 Jrustela isolated.

940-962 "Sir" Fen Feru and his flying band go back and forth between Jrustela and Seshnela several times, each time with increasing difficulty. [...] Each journey suffers huge casualties. [...] The last flight left Seshnela in 962, and no one is known to have ever arrived in Jrustela.

998 The Last Flyer to come from Jrustela was a young messenger girl, borne aloft with wizards spells and a set of paper wings as strong as shark hide.


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