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One point that I expect is already clear from David and Jeff's responses to Korontes' question is that the names that remain unexplained (even in the finished Sartar book, and by the same token every other published Gloranthan source) are not sacrosanct in their definition.

While it is almost certainly true that Jeff and Greg have some knowledge of (or some dusty piece of paper containing knowledge of) every one of these mysteries; it is uncertain whether this knowledge has made it or will ever make it into print. So, David's example is the one recommended by the famous caveat: Your Glorantha Will Vary - don't let other people's creativity inhibit your own!

That said, this is the best place to ask if you are not inspired. You may get several conflicting answers - hope for that!

Btw, strings <-> harp strings <-> harmony rune

>From Glorantha Prosopaedia:

Harana Ilor [hah-RAH-nah ih-LOR]
Yelm pantheon -- Celestial Court goddess of harmony and peace As the musician of the cosmos, Harana Ilor is noted mainly for the creation of the Harmony rune, fashioned to resemble the strings of her magical harp.

It was Jeff's post that allowed me to Google (search string: "harmony rune" strings) and find the above reference.

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> 2. Ched Durkel, the "Strings."
> But Strings --> Fire / Peace rune ?
> Help... :)

My players thought they were a horse archery people (fire rune) that kept the peace by keeping hostiles at a distance with their bows.


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