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Yes. Indeed, there are laws prohibiting noblrd (for example) from doing things that aren't sufficiently ostentatious. To take a non-sumptuary example, IMG, nobles aren't allowed to eat root vegetables, for these are earthy and peasant-ish.

> This talk of dress makes me wonder what the climate is.
> It's all well and good to suggest that the presence of a caste
> system
> makes the West different to 15th C. Europe, but - at least for many
> of
> the population - practical concerns like 'not freezing to death' are
> more of an influence than fashion.

Seshnela I'd make somewhat like France (and its mostly lowlands, so freezing to death isn't going to be that big an issue). Loskalm, on the other hand is, IMO, more like British Columbia. Which, as you say, is not going to be insignificant.

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