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>> In my Glorantha, they are one example of evil; and then a bit more
>> so. Like a race of ghouls, they get strange powers through habits
>> disgusting to humans and Brithini.


>Wow, lots of thanks for the clarifications Greg. Very useful. I had been
wondering about the Vadeli for some time.

>But now I'd love to hear a bit more about ghouls in Glorantha. What are
they? Are they humans cursed by cannibalism? Are they chaotic? Undead? Is it like being an even lower sort of vampire?

> -Adept

Ghouls entered Glorantha with RQ1. They are constituents from the rich Perrin tributary stream.
The standardized forms of ghouls, mummies, vampires, zombies etc. are pretty much the "standard undead" host in gaming, largely shaped by the homogenization of D&D. Thus these undead brought their corpse-eating, bandaged lurching, blood-sucking, brain-eating baggage along too, some of which is unrejectable.

So with ghouls, the essential character is eating dead people, or killing them to eat--some sort of anthropophage. This contributed to my perspective of "man-rune morality," which is the theory that people are externally changed by their actions. What taboos are universal among such persons? Well, we know rape turns people into broos, which indicates the direction.
Humans (since all the elder races seem to eat their own kind) who eat their own kind become ghouls, a race of sub/super humans with distincive characteristics.

Are they an Elder Race? I don't know, there are a lot of little peoples existing everywhere, some of which seem to be extremely ancient.


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