Re: Brithini Caste Restrictions/Duties

From: lurghalos <lukegough1970_at_3KcB9kJ8A6WSXpxg-7CAT4RktCOTakspFOtsaO6ANYygvTNzEYvqsMX7IuDZA->
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 18:46:41 -0000

> All castes have caste-related sorcery.
> --Peter Metcalfe

Many thanks for that!

Any information on Brithini Caste Restrictions/Duties?

Would they follow feudal (Norman) lines? E.G. Caste-specific dress, forbidden tasks/work, literacy, etc?

A sourcebook which outlined the differences between caste restrictions/duties in Third Age Arolanit and Seshnela would make interesting reading. So, for that matter, would a detailed sourcebook on the Grey Isle itself in the Imperial Age, particularly with reference to defunct (but still practised) occupations among the Dronari. 111,111 equivalent (ST) years in the same job? They must have a decent level of competence in their trade by now!

P.S. Historically, Feudal Lords were obliged by law to see to it that their serfs did not have to suffer the fate of having to eat salmon more than a prescribed number of days in the year. Desperate times indeed!            

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