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> Similar in many ways to the other free-form books, such as the Rough Guide
> to Boldhome (Home of the Bold Freeform) or Broken Council Guidebook (Broken
> Council freeform)

> It describes the city of Jonstown, prominent citizens (the player
> characters), the History of Jonstown, History of the Jonstown Lhankor Mhy
> temple, tribes of the Jonstown confederation, a chronicle fo the area, and
> Maps of the City and the LM Temple.

Thanks for the review, Roderick. As the editor and one of the authors of the Heroes of Wisdom booklet, let me add that the Jonstown description borrowed heavily from Ingo Tschinke's house campaign in Jonstown, and the Jonstown described in Dragon Pass: Land of Thunder differs in a number of ways. However, a lot of the detail from that campaign (through this booklet) crept into Glorantha canon as other authors were happy to use character names and concepts for their own campaigns, while a couple of key points in that booklet did not make it into canon.

Some of the characters were inherited from Home of the Bold.

If you like a RuneQuest2-style occupied Sartar, the campaign info is quite useful. There were a few German language RQ scenarios also taken from that environment, but to my knowledge these were never translated.            

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