Trade goods in Glorantha

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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 10:13:08 -0700

Blood over Gold gives a small look at what trade takes place between cities, but I was hoping to get a more global view of how the societies are interconnected. But in most background and scenarios the goal of "trade" has always been an abstract unless it is a specific regions trademark good (e.g Clearwine).
Not sure if this is covered at all in Men of the Sea, but I was hoping to find out what products are created for export from various regions (Peloria, Maniria, Ralios, Technos, etc.) and who they trade these to. Especially items that are Glorantha-specific, such as the drug Hazia or the rare Truestone-crafted item or slave bracelets.

One of the reasons listed for the Lunars to push themselves as far as Holy Country was access to the sea so they could expand their trade and make the aristocrats--and thereby the empire--more wealthy. But what are they intending to export and import? That I have always been unclear on.


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