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> > On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 3:47 AM, lurghalos wrote:
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> > > Was Zzabur the first God Learner?
> > Zzabur is an Eransachula, one of the original "runic" emanations, the
> equivalent of Orlanth and company, except that the latter have polluted
> themselves and fallen.
> Fascinating... 'Polluted?' by what?

Passions, mostly--attractions and excesses. Affection for each other instead of the One, etc.

> 'Fallen' to where?

To the Everything World, where they are trapped now, possibly forever (philosophies differ on this)

> Also, was/is Malkion an Eransachula (or even more Primal)?

Depends on the people talking, but the Brithini know that Malkion is also a fallen Eransachula. If he hadn't led so many people into error ("sin") then the True People would not have been so weakened that the fallen rune beings nearly took over the world during the Great Ice.

The issue is confused because many western people use the name "Malkion" for what we Brithini know were a series of beings in the devolutionary chain. Some say he was a series of avatars, some say it was the same being, some say it was the same person changing through his devolution into something else.

Likewise Zzabur's "brothers"; Vadel, Dronar, Holar and Talar?

I'll have to check my source (as any of you can). It will depend on where along the devolution they were "conceived."

(leaving out, of course, the wretched Waertag!)

Unfortunate mixed creatures, children of the post-Fall Malkion.

> > Did the Brithini have any insight into this or was this a forbidden
> subject
> > > for inquiry?
> > >
> >
> > The Brithini did not, in general, participate in any God Learner
> activity.
> >
> > That would hve required them to do new things.
> Hmmm, like that charming Arkat Humaktsson...

Yes, he was a real problem. It was his mother's fault. She lied about how many children she had borne, so he was born into the wrong class. Entirely her fault, nothing to do with the Eternal Faultless Wisdom of the Brithini, mind you. No, nothing at all.

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