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"Sean Foster" wrote:
> Hang on. Malkion was a prophet, killed by the Brithini.

Among others, yes.

> He was a mortal.

Yes. But this is not necessarily the *same* Malkion that is Zzabur's father. And, even if it is the same person, it doesn't follow that he was always mortal.

Indeed, Zzabur would say that it was Malkion's abandonment of his nature as an Eranschula and decision to become mortal that was his greatest mistake, and, ultimately, the source of most of what eventually went wrong with the world.

> He was the prophet of the Invisible God. BoS would seem to intimate
> that Grandfather Mortal (Slain by Humakt's "Death" during god time by
> Orlanth) is
> now the IG - which may explain why he is 'invisible' and never seemed
> to do much (cf RQ2/3 Magic).

That's one point of view - it's not necessarily the case that everyone agrees with it, or that it's the absolute "truth" in any objective sense.

> 1) Were Brithini immortal before Time?

They didn't age, no. (Heck, there was no time... how would you tell?)

> Wasn't everybody 'immortal'.

Certainly, the Brithini would say so. The fact that the people around them started getting old, and they didn't, just goes to show that they're right, and everyone else isn't.

> 2) <Google'ing - Brithini > surely Nick Brook knew Malkion was a
> Prophet. But in he
> states
> Brithini were followers of Malkion (the God?) Was Malkion a Brithini
> Talar?

Malkion the Sacrifice was, yes. The "earlier" Malkion(s) weren't - either because they were different beings infused with successively devolved portion of Divine Will, or because they were the same being taking on different forms to get closer to humanity. (To take the two most popular explanations).

But either way, the "earlier" Malkion(s) can't have been Talars, because they didn't exist back then. Malkion the Founder, who came immediately before Malkion the Sacrifice, was the father of the first Talar.

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