RE: Just picked Heortling Mythology up from the printer

From: Sean Foster <ebaninth_at_PD--bgMr63IG_v6r3S_o-52CPJNZHxaDhfxMdCnL9Zi9rjj-jzs0Y8vhEQNc5FvI1Px>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 18:04:58 +0800

>I begin to understand how the griping aussies feel when they hear about all
>the exciting exclusive stuff they could get if only they came to Convulsion

Cold comfort is provided by a Slab (30) of beer (lager), on the warm nights when you northerners are enjoying Convulsion/ Chimeriades comforts, as we sit on the our verandahs watching the migrating herds of Emu, Kangeroos and Koala on our outback. The tyranny of distance <Sigh>  

Is the canonical Glorantha measuring system Imperial or System International ?      

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