Rough Guide to Glamour / Tarsh War?

From: ShawnB <bondservant_at_LbOoJX_csdxl4AeXAl2LokDNr0U3719ncO5Xkjh59NyA9k4M88ea-B3H0k9jWkgh>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 06:11:55 -0000

Hi All

Been a long time (albiet easily distracted) fan of RuneQuest (and, by extension, Glorantha). Sad to say I had a wonderful collection that got "lost" I'm looking to recollect where I can. One little...actually, TWO...little gems I'm looking for are "Tarsh War" and "Rough Guide to Glamour." Any chance of these going PDF? Anyone (less likely) willing to part with 'em?

Anyone, well met!            

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