Re: Preorders for buying Sartar Kingdom ofHeroes at Dragonmeet 2009!

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Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 15:11:24 +0000

E50 doubtless reflects the cost to print, and doubtless it is a very nice book, but the exchange rate is crippling you.

You could really do with a way of printing it in the UK or the US if you want to capture those audiences.

Rogue Trader is in the local games shop for 39.95. From the look of it it's also about 400 pages, but it's in colour and it's a nicely embossed hardback book. A 45 black and white paperback, especially if the cover tends to curl up like a swiss roll as my preview one does, won't pull in the newbies. And that's what we all really want

On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 2:42 PM, Jeff <> wrote:

> > I now find out that it is prohibitively expensive - with p&p at least
> ukp50 (us$83). If I, as a life long fan baulk at the price, do you really
> think any newbies are going to be interested?
> First, you can buy the book at Dragonmeet for 50 Euros. No shipping, no
> handling. Or you can wait until the book shows up at Leisure Games or
> another game store.
> Second, the book is BIG. 50 Euros is perfectly reasonable for a book of
> this size (Rogue Trader was going for 65 Euros at the Essen Spiel - I do go
> to the trade fairs to see how other companies do their pricing). This book
> contains more pure, refined Gloranthan gold than old the books over the last
> ten years combined. And that is not even counting the art and the maps.
> Put it this way - if we wanted to be greedy bastards and divide this
> material into four books, we probably could have sold it for 100 Euros
> collectively (which is what many other game companies would happily do). We
> thought it better to have one BIG book rather than four smaller books. With
> just Sartar and the HeroQuest Core Rules you have everything you need to run
> an epic campaign set in Dragon Pass.
> Third, people are preordering it fast. I will try to have a few extra books
> for sale, but at this rate the safest way to guarantee you get a copy at
> Tentacles is to preorder.
> Jeff
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