Sartar Kingdom of Heroes

From: Dr Martin Hawley <martin_at_xQWCcUt1n3Cf-HZq-QZe-Hp_eDCibVSIyfuGiBtW3pDKZiZu8rG0zM0a_6yPhmCi3Odiy>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 09:33:08 -0000

Hi All...those that know me will know its not very often I post to any digest...but the conversation about this has prompted me to do so. While I was editing the manuscript for Sartar Kingdom of Heroes I did more than just look at format and grammar check as per any editing ....I started like this then found myself actually reading the text and thinking wow that's interesting ...hmmm I never knew that ...or even hey that's much better explained now and much more easy to play. I would say that this book is an excellent read! but more than that if that was not enough...its THE book for anyone wanting to play and understand Sartar. For those that are long standing fans they may be thinking ..."do I NEED" this...well its packed full of a whole heap more than what we have seen so far on Sartar and an excellent campaign that captures the essence of HQ.
For those new comers ..WOW I wish I had a book like this about Sartar when I first started discovering Glorantha...indeed I recall reading in the back of RQ1 about coming books...including a Sartar book...well now we have it. Is it worth 50 Euros...Hell yes!!

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