Re: Seshnegi Questions

From: Jeff <richaje_at_frCLPLEub8uGczwhmmFbmKS7N46u_EVybma7EqcDmgg03J8miyFWTT384pWokNrYtSXu>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 07:55:13 -0000

> As I said before I don't believe knighthood is related to Saint worship.

And let me stop right here to make a point - Malkioni saints are not medieval Catholic saints or some thinly disguised divine cult. In many ways they are more akin to an Islamic wali, Buddhist Bodhisattva, or Hindu mahatma.

In short, a Malkioni "saint" is a holy person who was some combination of: exemplary model of Malkioni virtue; extraordinary teacher; wonder worker; or possessor of a special and revelatory relation to the Creator. Malkioni sects are virulently divided on whether a saint can intercede with the Creator (or the world) on the petitioner's behalf - critics (such as the Brithini or Rokari) view such "intercession" as thinly disguised ancestor worship and self-delusional.

The Men of All recognized exceptionally holy people like Hrestol, his mother Xemela, and others. They praised them for their merits, followed their teachings, and called upon them to work wonders in the world - but would not consider that to be "worship". The saints were patrons, friends, teachers - not demons or entities to be used according to logic and law.

> I also don't believe the Knights have a grimoire as such (grimoire in
> the sense of a book containing spells). They would still have spells or
> spell-like effects but their method of learning magic should be different .

By "Knights" I assume you are talking about the Dawn Age "Men of All" (nicknamed "Youth" or "Servant" in the first decades after the Dawn - from which the term "knight" came)? I don't think Hrestol wrote a book for his followers, although I suspect several books about his deeds and teachings were written by his companions.

The Men of All were not primarily warriors - they were everything they people needed them to be. Leader, fighter, magician, worker - the Men of All were ready to do whatever the situation required. They were flexible and open to whatever was needed to help their people.


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