Re: Interesting Rambling

From: julianlord <julian.lord_at_cOlNgmgRL61jyiruIbDYyd4ZNWegnZlCQJVF-ZYmd4RTE1uX2oIHqxwPDATJsOOB>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2010 09:59:48 -0000

> > Dare one mention it's worse - at least one of the fundamental
> > physical forces, gravity, is clearly not operating as we
> > understand it.

hmmmm, just to be extra-pedantic, gravity is not only the name of one of the fundamental Forces of Nature, but in its older pre-Newtonian meaning, it's the quality of objects to have weight, and to fall downwards.

So, in that sense, gravity exists in Glorantha -- just not as a force of universal attraction ;)

Julian Lord            

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