Mountains of Fronela

From: Keith <keith.nellist_at_0QArvkMOD4tPpnt9AaRLQQqRU3qyoyHBYxsuVnSQX1E5RSqhkTXIVHUICi8KX3>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 07:36:21 -0000

OK, just a question to help me out on some names on a map.

I want to determine if there are any canon names for the mountainous bits of Fronela. So far I've got:

The Maidstone Mountains
Nidan Mountains
Grey Mountains

Have not got:
Mountains at the north end of Nevs - tempted to go with North Nevs. Mountains at the south end of Nevs - tempted to use Valspar Mountains south of Tastolar - tempted by Tastolar Mountains Mountains next to the Black Forest - tempted by Horn Mountains Mountains next to Karstall - no ideas here. Mountains next to Salisor - no ideas here. Mountains north of Oranor hills - tempted with Oranor Mountains Mountain range in Charg - is this the Sullen Hills?


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