Re: A new RW inspiration for zzaburi : Druids

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Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 19:14:37 +0100 (CET)

But Zzaburi/druids? Hmmm. Not convinced. There are probably as many differences as there are similarities and the Zzaburi class structure and practiced isolationism seems very different to druidism.
/// Agreed. Still, I had no idea some greek philosophers mentioned them as "pythagoricians" in their writings - it flies against every half-understood, prejudiced, uneducated notions I had about druidism (the Druid I know best is from Asterix, his french name is Assurancetourix for you french speakers).

I don't think the zzaburi necessarily do, or should, have a real world analog.
/// Also agreed. But, and I've had this discussion with Jeff before, anchoring part of our creations (well, mine are quite humble) in RW analogies make them taste, smell, feel stronger to me and thus, to the players. Maybe it's the same for some of you Out There, and I wanted to share.

You could certainly take inspiration from Brunaux in developing zzaburi for your campaign, but I'd hesitate before taking them as a direct comparison. // Let's not be so anglo-saxon and be a little more latin, which to me means "practising nuances" (;-): mentioning an interesting book doesn't mean I'm going to make my zzaburi white-wearing, golden-sickle using astronomers. But it does add a nice dimension to zzaburi ! Or perhaps I wrote too enthusiatically, with my crude english failing to convey nuances.

It's OK to take stuff right and left, to sample bits we like from any culture in history and integrate it into our fantasy world(s). RW analogies are not a Bad Thing !

May we walk in Malkion's Understanding.            

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