RE: A new RW inspiration for zzaburi : Druids !

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Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 18:30:41 -0000

/// Also true, I suspect some of the author's notes are more opinions
than facts (he's anthropologist, not an archeologist as I thought). Still makes for good reading though.

Jean-Louis Brunaux is an archaeologist; he's overseen many archaeological excavations.

When it comes to many aspects of Iron Age Europe, there are often more opinions than facts because the sources are often in conflict or obviously pushing a particular agenda, and there are multiple ways of assessing material remains (Anne Ross and Don Robins in 'Life and Death of a Druid Prince' make an interesting case for one of the Lindow bog bodies being that of a druid sacrificed by a triple death [hit on the head, strangled, throat cut] or he might simply have been an executed criminal or the victim of robbery).

Just imagine how Lunar writers might describe the culture of pre- and post-invasion Sartar.

/// But it is the same for every RW inspiration we inject, however
partly, in our Glorantha(s). I won't be any more "wary" using druidic analogies than viking, or summerian, or whatever else under the sun. It's all a game and I try to build the most compelling, seductive background for the players and I !

Given the popularity of head-taking in the societies where druids were present (the mythology is full of severed heads, some talking, as well as shown in La Tène carvings), the druids were obviously Thanatari. 8-)            

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