Happy new year 2012 Glorantha Tribe - and a demigod question to the wise

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Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2012 11:11:44 -0000

I've been absent for a while, as the death of a laptop disrupted my yahoo-group reading.

I hope to see some more excellent Glorantha books this year, having been spoiled rotten by the Sartar products.


I've been re-reading my Stafford Library books, and wondering about those gods and near gods who manage to wander the face of the world. It seems that the Cosmic Compromise means that full fledged gods can only manifest inside the world of time during major chaos incursions and other events that threaten the stability of reality (Sunstop, Battle at Castle Blue...). Even people who reach the status of pre-deified heroes seem to be on limited time. Their actions at the hight of their power mark the course of their epic, and the deeds that are later heroformed and worshipped.

With that pre-amble, I've started to think that somewhere there is the power level of heroes and demigods that can continue to walk the face of the Inner World. The very "point" of the existence of the Red Emperor for instance, could be seen as being human enough in his power level to be able to function (somewhat) freely in the world of time after the Red Goddess took the mantle of full godhood.

I don't know how Harrek and other "superheroes" fit into this thinking, I admit

  -Adept the Finn            

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