Re: When's Pavis: Gateway to Adventure going to be available?

From: Jeff <richaje_at_yk-1UJkOTUR2Xsni5fkmyqW7VbE6lSSQ-wDg4I8KNGClrV4uPXsPUKdigyFsf8i-ZXhS>
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2012 05:23:31 -0000

Rick is plugging away at the layout of this monster, which has taken longer than we estimated to get right (you should hear him grumble, "too much art, too many maps, too many scenarios, too much new information," and so on - it gets really tiresome!). I'll let Rick tell you all when it is going to be released, since it gets linked with some other very good news.


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