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Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2012 20:25:58 -0000

> In The Entekosiad and Lunar Handbook I found some general information on him but not nothing about his worshippers. What would be appropriate keywords, abilities and feats? Does he actually have bear powers? Or are the War Bear and the General two different cults?
> /// I remember the pelandan Daxdarius is the First Hoplite and the first general, so his followers could be heavy foot infantry. So they have Death/Combat as their main rune. Officers do have the Mastery Rune. A bit like yelmalions (they also form phalanxes) but without the solar / prudish element (they're pelandans after all).

I agree. According to he also created light infantry. But only because he didnt consider some of his men brave enough for close combat. In the Entekosiad it is also mentioned that he fought on foot against a chariot. So I would say his followers might come from all ground units, but Daxdarius himself probably favoured heavy infantry and shieldwall formations. Makes sense?

> The neighboring durnvoking barbarians, degenerates as they are, worship (ILH1 I believe) many beast spirits including "Daxdarax the old wolf" : perhaps they propitiate their old victor, admire his power ?
> I don't remember Daxdarius being identified with a bear anywhere.

ILH1 p.35 Doblian: "Warrior (Male) Daxdarius the War Bear, Affinities: Bear, Combat, Hoplite" Sounds very similar to me. However, I cant tell whether these two would be subcults or just two aspects of the same entity or maybe compelete different (even rival) deities.

> There had been a discussion earlier on this forum whether Daxdarius would have the mastery or harmony rune. Any comments on that?
> /// Death and Harmony do make an interesting mix. Polaris could have these runes ; I'm not too sure about Daxdarious. But why not ?

>From the bits and pieces I have read, I would tend to the mastery rune. Even though he was one of the High Gods (who all possess the Harmony rune afaik), he claimed that position rather by wits and eloquence than by harmony. But I dont know enough about the Pelandan mythology to be certain.

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