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Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2012 10:48:24 +1300

On 1/6/2012 9:09 AM, Richard Hayes wrote:
> In the original Griffin Mountain, Death and Harmony was the pair of runes originally given to Found Child. The pairing was used to symbolise the hunter who lives in harmony with nature, and kills only when it is necessary for his people. (The original write-up was phrased more elegantly iirc). It seemed like a nice runic phrase, but it may no longer be canonical. Other hunting deities (Yinkin, Odayla) seem to take at least one rune reflecting their affinity with a particular type of beast -- is this the modern way?

Although the text of the Yinkin cult writeup in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes says his rune is derived from the air and beast runes, it's actually derived from the death and harmony runes. The same is true of Odayla's Bear Rune.

> I don't know if Death and Harmony is also the canonical pairing of runes for Polaris, but I can see a certain logic behind it. Though maybe Mastery and Harmony would suit a god of war which is not especially bloodthirsty better? Also wouldn't Polaris have a Fire rune in there somewhere?
Sky and Harmony would be my best guess. Giving him a death rune is a bit too much as that makes Polaris a three rune deity which should be reserved for major deities like Orlanth. Under the new thinking, Polaris would be better described as Sky and Stasis as the stars aren't really moving in harmony, they are frozen into place.

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