Re: Are Runes Foundational? YES.

From: hcarteau_at_OpuwyJu6NaUQVgPpgMoD5oEeSCdysQgd2dpug--2KB3xZnsAk3FlGyWaGwMe1maGDqO
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 18:50:38 +0100 (CET)

While I'm sure that subject will make me an easy target for accusations of GL-ism, I'm confused and need some guidance.
/// My child, when in doubt, contemplate the Law. Clear your mind of clutter, uneeded hopes, falsities and focus. See the Laws organizing the universe. There is only One Law and it is the Runes. If you are fortunate to be literate, open the Book and Read. Any page will dispel the mire you seem to wallow in.

In some places, the Runes are defined as central building blocks of Glorantha.
/// The Runes are the Law. The Law is the Cosmos. Everything was made from the Runes. Sadly, with Time, everything wears down, gets smaller, gets worn down, and the pitiful small creatures that we are today are but a shadow of the Giants, the Perfect Men we were long ago. Praise Malkion who brought that Truth back to us.

the West isn't really that rune-oriented,
/// We have risen above totems, about tribalism, above savagery and, guided by the Laws, have built a society that is as Perfect as can be, considering the pathetic, limited creatures that we are. We are not slaves to our passions anymore, as the heathens are. We master our passions. We study the Law. We can focus on any Rune we have the clarity of mind to understand. That is why ours is the Only Way.

I'm currently assuming the answer is either no, or effectively no due to the multiplicity of runes and runic systems. Is there an official (or 'official') stance on this, and has this stance changed over time?
/// You are sadly lost. Of course, the Universe is the product of the Runes. Only igonrant pagans cannot see that. It matters not whether they prostrate themselves before ehilm or go cavort naked under the rain of worlath. They are fallen.

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