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On 1/7/2012 4:50 AM, robin wrote:
> Alright, so no bear powers at all.

You can still have Bear powers if you want to. I was just giving my impressions.

> I like the Third-Eye-Blue connection (and the feat). Does it mean Daxdarius has an affinity for iron? Or is it regular bronze? Or gold like his spear?
It's most likely bronze according to the Fortunate Succession. But things as they are, a Daxdarian with bronze armour and a golden spear is likely to be more than a match for a warrior encased in iron.

> Jeff, when you emphasis that in Eastern Carmania and Doblian Daxdarius is associated with Death and Sky, does that mean, in Pelanda he has same or different runes? I didn't see a Sky-connection yet. Where does it come from? What would be his Sky powers?
The reference to Daxdarius's sky powers comes from:

         [Antirius] is the Giver of Victory, who is called upon by Urvarinus the Victor, Shargash of Alkoth and Daxdarius of Pelanda.

                                 Glorious ReAscent p44

Given that the statement is such obvious bollocks with respect to Shargash, I prefer to interpret the situation as follows. There is a feat or divine name called the Giver of Victory. This feat is possessed by Antirius, Shargash, Urvairinus and Daxdarius and their worshippers used it to obtain victory in battle. Plentonius in his indomitable style is claiming Antirius to be the origin of the feat which allows him to portray the other gods as being Antirius's inferiors.

Another example of sky powers is the statement in the Fortunate Sucession that he was taken into the heaven by the Lower Gods as their god of war. He may be a god of the Celestial Spear or that of Star 87.

> It's not mentioned anywhere I can see, but from my knowledge of the Pelandan culture I believe the Daxdarius cult would be restricted to male worshippers only. Is that correct?
Jernotius however teaches gender liberation. If Daxdarius was worshipped alongside other high gods, woman can become part of his cult.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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