Re: Daxdarius

From: Jeff <richaje_at_GCqq3nKKBQmXC6IhTAuociq9BghnYGwsoLW-vvyJFdxP85EnnEf_f31dQKYR-O17Ht-2>
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2012 06:50:35 -0000

> > Alright, so no bear powers at all.
> You can still have Bear powers if you want to. I was just giving my
> impressions.

Robin - where do you see any Bear associations at all with Daxdarius in the Entekosiad?

> > Jeff, when you emphasis that in Eastern Carmania and Doblian Daxdarius is associated with Death and Sky, does that mean, in Pelanda he has same or different runes? I didn't see a Sky-connection yet. Where does it come from? What would be his Sky powers?
> The reference to Daxdarius's sky powers comes from:
> [Antirius] is the Giver of Victory, who is called upon by
> Urvarinus the Victor, Shargash of Alkoth and Daxdarius of Pelanda.
> Glorious ReAscent p44
> Given that the statement is such obvious bollocks with respect to
> Shargash, I prefer to interpret the situation as follows.

I'm not entirely sure that is bollocks even with respect to Shargash. Or more precisely, I am sure plenty of regiments who have Shargash as their patron have called upon Antirius for victory.

> Another example of sky powers is the statement in the Fortunate
> Sucession that he was taken into the heaven by the Lower Gods as their
> god of war. He may be a god of the Celestial Spear or that of Star 87.

Yep. That was my thought as well. But I think the Sky Rune would be largely restricted to Spear powers.


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