Re: Skin & Hair Colour

From: hcarteau_at_RpWyHst_H5ijlGrbDdcoKEKj2BZZ59LHkLmgdD3SOj_-5_hVicL0hp9j3EYt23zx2nT
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 10:44:38 +0100 (CET)

Doubtless the gentleman writing this (excellent ++) description of the barbarians did not mention their body odor(s) to avoid upsetting his readers too much. Very considerate. Also, I like the slightly medical touch, the almost-clinical tone.

De: Keith <>

I have the Dara Happan translation:

"The Orlanthi are hardly people, with black, brown, reddish or perhaps just dirty hair, and pale mud coloured skin. Their eyes are putrid green, cow pat brown, loathesome grey or rancid orange, rimmed with bloodshot pink. Men and women do not bother to cut their hair; men and some women grow beards and mustaches. Women's hair is mostly on their head, uncovered but can be seen loose, braided or tied up in a tangled knot, on their legs, backs, and on their feet. Women and, to a lesser extent men because they already look so stupid, use gaudy pigments on their faces to make them look like clowns and demons. Both genders are permanently scarred with markings of incest group,            

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