Pelandan Magic

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Been thinking too hard about Pelandan Magic.

We have the high gods worshipped individually:

Turos: Runes - Fire and Mastery (which they understand as Power) Dendara: Runes - Air and Stasis (which they interpret as Virtue, the righteous power from above)
Oria: Runes - Earth and Luck (which they interpret as Success) Bentus: Rune - Harmony (which they interpret as Pleasure) Uleria: Rune - Fertility (which they interpret as Love) Idovanus: Runes - Light and Law, although he really teaches sorcery. Daxdarius: Rune - Death
Natha: Rune - Disorder

Worshippers of these Gods can through the worship of the High Gods collectively access the wisdom of Jernotius,

Jernotia: Rune - Moon which they interpret as Balance. The Pelandans do not think that Balance Power (which they describe with a rune that looks nothing like the moon rune) is the same as the Lunar Power. Everybody else and a few renegade Pelandans think they are in denial.

So what is Jernotius's magic? The Entekosiad lists the following examples

  1. She has a struggle with Kagardu, summoning the triple goddesses

The Jernotian can summon godlings of both the high gods and their shadows (ie the shadow of Idovanus is GanEstoro). However such magic is always a stretch on the Balance Rune ability.

2) He fights a magical duel against King Blue and sends him away.

The Balance rune can be used to confound Unbalanced Magic. Unbalanced magic is any magic not associated with the Balance/Moon rune or the High Gods. It has been effective against the Dara Happans but less so against the Carmanians and the Lunars.

3) She teaches Naveria how to defeat to defeat an evil pair of giants through gender liberation.

This secret is said to be unimportant to most worship but important for gender liberation. It's not clear what this gender liberation actually involves as Naveria and Jeneran don't behave as obvious males. So I think the Balance Rune is mainly used to ignore cultic restrictions if they are too onerous or unjust. An example is the Verlotininan Principle which was used to abandon the old gods after they proved themselves unable to assist their worshippers.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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