Re: What do humans trade with Elves?

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Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 21:56:00 +0100 (CET)

My dream is to figure out a Tallcastle campaign, which means that trading with Aldryami is a central thematic, rather than a PC interest :D

/// Ah, excellent : trader prince houses make for excellent settings. I suspect the local House Ochre on Green follows very strict rituals to deal with elves (i.e. once per season, on such a day, etc.) They must always offer the same thing. If they miss out that day or that component, no more business until... next year / a corrective Quest is made / whatever. Each Season requests a different vegetal product. Each product must be found, and the ritual then led.

I see this House as very isolated even from other Trader Princes ; they meet them only when they have something to trade because it's not on the Wenelian Road. Missing a deadline with the aldryami means nothing to trade for a season/a year. So they do need reliable people to get the stuff they need for dealing with elves. And they have less and less to pay for it.

Tallcastle is a claustrophobic place. It's more of a fort than a castle, as all buildings are made of wood. But perhaps they do have some weird living wood houses, and grow fantastic crops of vegetables, etc.

PCs would not be big heroes : only the desesperate come to work in such an isolated place. There could be some rootless elves, and even a legendary half-elf, who doesn't know who he is. There could be outlaws from local atelli clans. There might be a renegade malkioni hiding there. The whole House lords it over only about 1000 people, so the local talent pool is quite limited.

Could you keep me informed of your campaing, even off this forum ?


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