Re: What do humans trade with Elves?

From: Keith <keith.nellist_at_xXErt_sNgUiPW7sv9skT6tpknJln3LLHhDgHmBlvdMNRODysCKLtPrOSYKbK9L>
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2012 21:55:38 -0000

I wonder if elves would want insecticides and fungicides - human alchemy perhaps - to keep pesky new bugs and blights growing on their leaves. Just because they're organic doesn't mean they need to be Organic. Just because they're green doesn't make them Green.

Or perhaps they want humans to take stuff away - poisoned soil, infected dead wood, treacherous vines, rootless elves, invader species of runner - to get it away from the forest.

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