Re: What do humans trade with Elves?

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I agree. It's blended cultures and syncretic religions offers some very neat opportunities for play.

> Could you keep me informed of your campaing, even off this forum ?

Absolutely. I'll let you know when I get the Wenelian Clan Generator up & running. ;P

Based on Tallcastle's description as a special pre-Darkness trading ground, it's a safe bet that trade there highly ritualized. That description also tells me that while the Trader Princes may have built a structure or two and renewed ancient trade pacts, someone else started them. Given the tensions between Aldryami and Heler / the Helerings, I'd argue this was a site for the Dokali, linked to Oak woman.

For several reasons (Elves, Ditali, their distance from the Wenelian Road), I see Asharans from Tallcastle emphasizing ritual exchange and diplomacy at least as much as pure commerce. In Sartarite Orlanthi terms, Tallcastle's Ashara feels more like Autero Goldentongue than Garzeen Middleman. A good Asharan would blanch at such a comparison of course.

I also agree "Claustrophobic" is a good word for life in Tallcastle. Rigid would be another one. I suspect there are several very specific agreements Green On Ochre has with the Aldryami, regarding agriculture and other aspects of life that are taken for granted elsewhere in Maniria. There is an irony that the most rule-oriented Trader Prince house gets that character not from its Malkioni heritage, but from its dealings with (what Rokari would identify as) Krjalki.


On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 4:55 PM, Keith <> wrote:
> I wonder if elves would want insecticides and fungicides -
> human alchemy perhaps - to keep pesky new bugs and blights growing
> on their leaves. Just because they're organic doesn't mean they
> need to be Organic. Just because they're green doesn't make them
> Green.
> Or perhaps they want humans to take stuff away - poisoned soil,
> infected dead wood, treacherous vines, rootless elves, invader
> species of runner - to get it away from the forest.

I don't know why alchemical aids for agriculture didn't occur to me - it's rather obvious.

However, human services for the Elves did occur to me. You mentioned invasive species of runners... One of the distinctive things about Arstola is that the Brown Elves slaughtered them all at the end of the Dawn Age. They didn't just drive them out; it was genocide. This means, first, the Aldryami of Arstola Forest are vulnerable during the winter (kind of an important issue when your forest is halfway up the Mislari Mountains), and second, they're likely paranoid about the Green Elves returning.            

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